Property damage services


All of our services are meticulously supervised. We attach a great deal of importance to managing your claim efficiently. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to quality and communication.


Cleaning your house or apartment (floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures) and your furniture. The main objective of this service is to salvage your possessions. All traces of soot must be fully removed, to enable the various contractors to work under the best possible conditions. This is often the first step before repair work can commence in your home.

If some of your possessions cannot be salvaged (furniture, ornaments, etc.), they must all be sorted, logged and valued so that your insurance company can reimburse you.

Drying systems help to reduce the level of moisture in walls, floors or ceilings, and can considerably shorten drying times. However, not all water damage necessarily requires the use of drying equipment. This approach can be adopted in certain situations and under specific conditions.

Water leak detection can be carried out by specialist companies. They can trace a leak to its source without damaging wall or floor coverings, using advanced technology.

Our services cover all types of construction work, including plumbing, electricity and woodwork. These services are all meticulously supervised. We will devote all our skills and technical resources to helping you rebuild your home just like it was before. We offer a site management service for complex property claims that require additional time for project management.

Repair work

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