Property damage claim solutions

Property owners regularly ask for more visibility regarding their insurance claims and SINOPTI provides the solution to this need.

It is not always easy to handle damage to your home. You are still in emotional shock from the loss you have experienced and yet you need to stay calm so that you can continue your daily life, as well as managing your claim. It is important to have a company like SINOPTI at your side to help you through this difficult time. To achieve this, we offer you step-by-step assistance for your insurance claim and provide you with access to all the resources and professional contractors you need to help you handle the damage in your home. Together, we can be much more proactive and efficient

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Helping you cope with property damage

All our team members are experienced professionals in property damage and insurance claims.

We have in-depth knowledge on the insurance sector, the various parties involved in a claim, the rights and duties of each party, as well as the main challenges of property damage claims.
In addition to our professional experience, we have two other important skills: the ability to listen to our clients and to be available for them. To handle your claim as swiftly as possible, it is important to define your needs and focus on what is essential for you. Since no two incidents are alike, we will take as much time as necessary to give you the guidance you need right from the start.

Stevens Saint-Fleur

Over the course of my experience in property damage claims (8 years), I soon realised that insurance claimants severely lacked clear information about the management of their claims. It was therefore important for me to create a simple, effective solution to help them. Together, we can prepare for your loss adjuster’s visit and improve communication between all parties (insurance companies, loss adjusters, brokers, agents, homeowners associations, etc.) using our extranet. In addition to my skills and knowledge, my greatest strength is that I put my heart into my work.


After 3 years of experience managing and settling vehicle claims, followed by 15 years in the building survey sector, I decided to take on a new challenge.

The SINOPTI project consists in accompanying and assisting insurance policy holders to take all the necessary steps to complete their claim. I will work meticulously and react quickly to make sure that you receive quality service and maximum satisfaction.

Our property damage services



We pledge to:

  • provide you with access to our extranet
  • follow-up your claim from start to finish
  • give you all the necessary information to manage your claim effectively
  • make it easy for you to communicate with all the parties involved in your claim using our extranet
  • obtain all the estimates required by your loss adjuster